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      Small mold foaming oil press
      Small mold foaming oil press
      Product details
       Product features:  
      1. Large disk surface, high production efficiency and stable quality.  
      2. The oil circuit system adopts logic type, without consideration of oil pressure relief.  
      3. Independent pressure control of mining platform, differential pressure automatic compensation function.  
      4. 5mm thick seamless steel pipe shall be used for oil pressure piping, which shall be pickled after welding, and the purchased products shall be sealed to prevent leakage.  
      5. The electric control adopts PC control display panel, which can set automatic, manual and exhaust according to the demand, and the locking function can be set according to the set value.  

      EVA foam, fish EVA copper buoy  

      Model WH-150A WH-250A
      piston 12〞300mm 14〞355mm
      Heat conducting plate 500mm × 550mm 600mm × 650mm
      spacing 250mm-300mm 250mm-300mm
      Number of layers two 2~3
      horsepower 20HP 20HP
      Number of stations six six
      Mechanical Dimensions one point four × two point four × 8(M) one point eight × two point eight × 9.6(M)

      Warranty period: one year, three years
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