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       Warranty Description:  
      1. The new mechanical equipment produced by our factory is guaranteed for one year, the oil cylinder is guaranteed for three years, and the maintenance is lifelong (only the parts fee is charged for maintenance)  
      2. The second-hand mechanical frame and oil cylinder produced by our factory are guaranteed for one year and other accessories for half a year.  
      3. The warranty period of the second-hand machinery renovated by our factory depends on the specific situation.  
       Exemption from warranty obligations:  
      In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests and avoid unnecessary losses, our company does not undertake the obligation of free warranty for machine failure or damage caused by the following reasons. Please choose paid service.  
      Beyond the warranty period.  
      In case of scratch, bump, deformation, depression, etc.  
      Removed or repaired by unauthorized service personnel.  
      Damage caused by accidental factors or human behavior and external forces (including operation error, handling, collision, input of inappropriate voltage, etc.).  
      Non standard or unpublished software or non-standard related parts are used.  
      Damage caused by natural disasters and other irresistible forces (such as earthquake, fire, flood, etc.).  
      For services beyond the scope of free warranty, we will charge a fee (charging standard = technical service fee, replacement parts fee).  
      The company reserves the right to interpret all the above provisions without prior notice.  
       Special note:The warranty terms of some models are not within the above service scope. Please refer to the actual warranty card of the product and consult the dealer at the time of purchase.
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